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by WanderlustGary
Gary Sequeira

Hi, I am Gary Sequeira

I’m a Budget Traveler & Photographer who loves to document all my journeys.

I love to Travel and explore offbeat locations, treks, Waterfalls, and adventures it offers.

My parents used to take me around for vacations when I was a small kid, that’s where my “Love for Travel” started. 

I’m here to document my travel experience and share it on this blog.

Profession – As for my profession, I am a Digital Marketing Executive and Content Creator/Copywriter working a Corporate job.

Hobbies – Aquascaping, Photography, Outdoor Sports, Gaming Geek

Thank you for taking the time to find out a little bit about me. I hope you enjoy this corner of the Internet and that my blog inspires you to dream big and travel in style.

If You Like my Blogs and would like to support me by any donations, it would mean a lot. Thank you.

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