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by WanderlustGary
Moody Lightroom Presets by wanderlust Gary - WG

Bringing to you all my first ever moody lightroom preset.

Transform your pictures into a moody-tone classic with one click. Enjoy creating dark moody photo edits with these moody lightroom presets by Wanderlust Gary. This lightroom filter will help you create high-quality edits and powerful-looking portraits shot. This moody lightroom presets can be used both in mobile and desktop versions of adobe lightroom. Most suitable for landscapes, portraits, products, urban, lifestyle, and other various photography styles. It helps to give the image a strong feel and focus on the subject. These Lightroom presets work with adobe lightroom 4, 5, 6, classic cc, and the latest versions.

What’s included in this WG moody lightoom preset pack:

  1. One Moody Lightroom Preset
  2. Instructions on how to install the Lightroom preset on mobile and desktop
  3. How to edit your photos with this preset

Enjoy these moody lightroom filters by Wanderlust Gary. Below are some of the before & after examples for this moody lightroom preset.

Wanderlust garyNature Potrait - Wanderlustgary
Wanderlust gary

Every Photographer knows how costly lightroom preset collections are nowadays. But these are valuable to take your photography to the next level. Creating professional photographs takes more time. However, with this preset, you can edit pictures with just one click and create a moody Instagram feed too. 

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WG Moody Lightroom Presets - Instagram Feed
WG Moody Lightroom Presets – Instagram Feed

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